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WordPress Trackback for Pages Plugin

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10 comments to WordPress Trackback for Pages Plugin

  • Thanks! This is a great plugin and it is one of the easiest WordPress plugins I have ever installed. I added a post to my blog so my readers can find your site. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the plugin. I was visiting a fellow blogger who made a nice comment on a page I had written and saw he tracked back. Of course,WP 2.1.2 didn’t alert me because it’s a page but that won’t happen again with your plugin.

  • Oops…Looks like spawn_pinger() has gone out of favor in WP 2.1.x so the plug in won’t work with this version. Or at least it doesn’t work with my install. Info here on the WP support forums.

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  • […] Slate at has created a plugin that solves the problems with pages not having trackbacks. You can read about this plugin and download it from the website. This is simple to install.. you just download it into your plugins directory and activate it. Next time you go to create a page you have an entry for trackbacks in your page write admin. Great job slate! […]

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  • […] Admin Drop Menu –Crea menu a tendina nella finestra di amministrazione,utile per connessioni lente EarthTones –Conferisce colori autunnali alla bacheca se siete stanchi del solito blu e bianco Favicon Head –Permette di inserire la favicon.ico Get Recent Comments –Visualizza nella barra laterale gli ultimi commenti inseriti myStatus –Inserisce campi personalizzati nella barra laterale Wp-PageNavi –Se siete stanchi del solito “previous/next entries”podpress –inserisci nel blog filmati di ogni tipo o musiche,fai il tuo podcasting Trackback for pages –Wp non fa ping alle pagine di default,questo risolve il problema Wp-db-backup + Wp-cron –backup del blog periodico Jalenack’s wordspew –Live shoutbox che usa AJAX Wp CountDays –plugin che permette di calcolare da una qualsiasi data quanti giorni sono trascorsi (utile ad esempio per “Non fumo più da XX giorni”) This is my Plugin List for WordPress:ANIga Gallery –Picture Gallery for WP 2.0+ integrated in the WP post system with comments Akismet –Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web serivce to see if they look like spam or not. TinyMce –WYSIWYG post editor Admin Drop Menu –Create Drop Down Menus for WordPress Admin Panels EarthTones –Administration theme for Word Press that replaces the default blue color scheme with muted brown and green earth tones. Favicon Head –Favicon Head adds meta tags in the head of every page,specifying the location of your blog’s favicon.ico. Get Recent Comments –Display the most recent comments or trackbacks with your own formatting in the sidebar. myStatus –Allows you to easily display your current status. Wp-PageNavi –Adds a more advanced page navigation to WordPress. podpress –The podPress plugin gives you everything you need in one easy plugin to use WordPress for Podcasting. Trackback for pages –Allow users to do Trackbacks on Pages Wp-db-backup + Wp-cron –On-demand backup of your WordPress database + periodic execution of actions Jalenack’s wordspew –Live shoutbox which use AJAX Wp CountDays –Count days between an event and a special date. […]

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