October 2016


I went to Oktoberfest in Munich,Germany.  It was amazing. And crazy. And more awesome than I ever imagined it’d be.

Shot tons of stupid videos,as can be seen below.

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Fibromyalgia on House

13:“Sounds like fibromyalgia.”
Cameron:“Sounds like you dont work for House. A diagnoses that provides neither an explanation or a cure is by definition not a diagnoses”
Foreman:“The american college of rheumatology will disagree. There are specific diagnostic criteria…”
Cameron:“Which this guy doesn’t meet. Putting pressure on his pain helps,doesn’t make it worse. He’s got abdominal pain,severe headaches,muscle cramps that come and go…”

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Scott Weiland Lyrics

I’ve recently submitted lyrics for the following songs to songmeanings. This is awesome because these lyrics don’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet yet. Continue reading “Scott Weiland Lyrics”»

Personality Test

I was so bored and since “all the cool kids are doing it,”I decided to give it a shot. Here’s the results of my Advanced Global Personality Test. I think its…somewhat accurate. Continue reading “Personality Test”»

Vista Default Browser Issue

I was having issues getting Flock to be my default browser in Vista. Flock,which is an awesome browser based on the Firefox browser,was set as my default browser within Vista. However,when clicking on links and whatnot in emails,IMs and RSS feeds on Trillian,etc,the websites were opening in Internet Explorer (IE7). This is not good.
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Cool Shirts

I ordered me some shirts this weekend from this website I found in an article on

The shirts have the following designs:

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My Nintendo Wii Locked Up Playing Zelda:Twilight Princess

So I was playing Zelda:Twilight Princess and I was fighting a monkey with a big red ass when suddenly,the Wii completely locked up.

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The Nintendo Wii Hurts

So,this Nintendo Wii is pretty awesome,so far. However,since the gameplay is very interactive,it's given me quite a work out.

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So,my 2 roommates and I were the only 3 people to be at Sears this morning for the Wii release. Continue reading “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”»